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German Patent Provides Unprecedented Technical Advances

Gas pipeline high temperature epoxies and marine pipeline epoxy coatings for wet pipes or sweaty pipes, Corroless-USA has superior epoxies and epoxy coatings for anti-corrosion, fast setup, immersion maintenance, any pipeline epoxy need.Corroless Corrosion Control (CCC) formally started as a coating manufacturer in 1955 as Corroless International when it acquired rights to a German Patent for a unique, rare pigment that transforms rust into magnetite--an inert iron oxide. This pigment was the basis for the rust stabilizing coal tar epoxy formula that became the foundation for state-of-the-art, proven anti-corrosion coating systems.

Today, Corroless Corrosion Control specializes in the manufacturer of high performance two-part cold applied liquid epoxies for specific industry groups: oil and gas industry, water industry, rail and highways, power industry, food and hygiene coatings, bund and tank linings. In order to be more competitive in certain foreign markets, CCC has licensed some of its trade secrets to other coating companies in Germany, Australia, Spain, Pakistan, Malaysia, Peru and Cyprus.

A Respected International Leader in Corrosion Control

Pipeline epoxies, Corroless-USA has epoxy coatings for gas pipelines, sub-sea marine pipelines, wet or sweaty pipes, immersion service.With thousands of successful applications, many over 20 years old without re-coating and still suitable for many more years of service, Corroless Corrosion Control has become a world leader in corrosion control. CCC has achieved these results by including major technical advantages and benefits in its' comprehensive range of anti-corrosion systems as well as changing conventional attitudes about the way corrosion can be controlled.

Typical Applications.

CCC coatings are consistently specified to control corrosion where traditional coatings have failed!

With excellent resistance to chemicals, moisture, high heat and cold temperatures, CCC coatings are ideal for use in most environments but especially in chemical and marine applications in such extreme environmental conditions found in the North Sea and the Middle East.

You have a lot of choices!

There are approximately 37 foreign and domestic
manufacturers of epoxies active in the U.S. pipeline market.
Each offers an average of 6 different formulas--
you're looking at a total of 222 to choose from--
enough to make anyone's head spin!

Pipeline epoxy coatings, Corroless-USA epoxies maintain and protect pipeline field joints, pipeline girth welds, gas and marine pipelines"Typical applications include offshore production platforms and drilling rigs, gas holding vessels, power generation facilities, water and fuel storage, dock infrastructures, railways, bridges and infrastructures and all types of industrial plant equipment and machinery--wherever corrosion is a constant threat.

Worldwide Recognition and Acceptance

The total solution may also require effective control of substrate corrosion and protection against external factors such as water, hydro-carbons, chemicals, salt and pollution. Control is achieved by using Corroless Epoxy Rust Stabilizers, Reinforced Epoxy Rust Stabilizers and Reinforced Finishes.

Thus Corroless has earned the recognition, acceptance and respect of major industries throughout the world. Through a wide range of complimentary products and systems to combat corrosion, Corroless anti-corrosion systems are widely used worldwide in over 40 industrial countries.

Corroless Corrosion Control joins a well-known coatings group!

In January, 2001, Corroless International was purchased by The Tikkurila Coatings Group and became one of its major subsidiaries. The name of the company was then changed to Corroless Corrosion Control.

 Tikkurila is one of Europe's foremost paint manufacturers, supplying high-performance, environmentally safe coatings for the manufacturing, construction and renovation markets. With its headquarters in Finland, Tikkurila has manufacturing facilities in Finland, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands and Poland plus customer service centers and warehouses in Sweden, Denmark, Ireland, Russia, Hungary, Estonia and Latvia.

Tikkurila brings over 100 years of experience in the development, manufacture and application of coatings. Committed to ongoing research, Tikkurila continuously develops innovative products to boost protective performance.

Corroless Corrosion Control is now located in West Bromwich, West Midlands, England where it shares production facilities as well as R&D, Technical Department, testing lab, staff and administrative departments with its new parent, Tikkurila Coatings.

Corroless-USA has Kwik-Set, Kevlar, pipeline epoxies, high temperature epoxy coating, pipeline epoxy coatings for immersion maintenance, pipeline maintenance, anti-corrosion, anticorrosion, fast setup, fast set-up, quick set, gas pipeline, sweaty pipe, wet pipe,  field joints, girth welds, epoxies reinforced with glass flakesIn 1990, Corroless Corrosion Control participated in a lab test performed by ITI Anti-Corrosion, Inc., in Houston, Texas for the Alyeska Group. The request came from an Alyeska engineer who had previously been with British Petroleum and was very familiar with Corroless products, having used them extensively in the North Sea-- particularly a coal tar epoxy called "Corroguard EP" (now called "Corroless EP" ). Of 24 coatings tested, only Corroguard EP and one other coating passed all the tests. This was Corroless Corrosion Control's introduction into the U.S. market.

As a result, Corroless-U.S.A. (CUSA), was formed in Houston, Texas to market Corroless coatings to the pipeline industry. Although CUSA maintained warehouse facilities in Houston, Texas, in 1996 the company moved its administrative offices to Bridgeport, CT and again in June, 2005 to South Burlington, Vermont.  About the same time, it relocated its Houston warehouse to Lafayette, Louisiana.

Corroless' enhanced cold-applied liquid epoxies and corrosion inhibitors defy corrosion caused by severe environments occurring in both soil and the atmosphere, properties eagerly sought after by pipeline companies and offshore operators. For this reason, CUSA has focused its marketing and distribution energies on the oil, gas offshore and pipeline industries.

Rely on Corroless-USA for all your pipeline maintenance, anti corrosion, fast set up, marine environment epoxy coatings, immersion maintenance, field joints, pipeline girth welds, gas pipeline or marine undersea sub-sea piplines epoxies and pipeline maintenance.1997, Kwik-Set is born!

In 1997, CUSA worked hard to formulate an epoxy that would set up quickly, thus answering an important need of the pipeline industry--to allow backfilling as quickly as possible. A target set up time of 3 hours after application was set and finally met! The two-part, liquid epoxy called Kwik-Set was the result.

Not only does it set up rapidly, but it coats wet pipe, another pipeline requirement! At its introduction at the 1998 NACE Convention and Exhibition in San Diego, California,  its remarkable properties were visibly demonstrated, in a large, 50-gallon fish tank where steel panels were coated under water, then left to set up lying in the water.

Since then, Corroless-USA continues to investigate niche opportunities in the pipeline industry and will soon introduce two new epoxies sometime in 2006: a cold-weather coating that can be applied at ambient temperatures of 35ºF and a high, in-service temperature epoxy to withstand over 250F (wet heat) and 300F (dry heat) [this high-temperature epoxy is already available - see High Temperatures at the side bar].

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